About Us

Barnyard Rubble

Barnyard Rubble was founded with a simple vision in mind: provide adaptive apparel that is comfortable, beautiful and stylish for any occasion. And be mobile.

With that in mind, we choose a reputable company that has been offering affordable quality clothing for over 89 years. The mission of Silvert's aligns with my own. Customer Service & Quality.

Barnyard Rubble recognizes the dilemmas faced with limited shopping, resources and choices in rural areas. While the younger generation is perfectly happy shopping online, we have a special niche of people who love having a selection of products to choose from right in front of them. All of our apparel is wash-and-wear. No need fro dry cleaning or special washing instructions for any of our clothing items.

The Mobile Boutique will also stock specially selected items for room decor, novelties, greeting cards, gifts and gift supplies. Read more