Men's Golf Shirt, Short Sleeve - Open Back Top

Men's Golf Shirt, Short Sleeve - Open Back Top

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Men's Golf, Short Sleeve - Open Back Top

Perfectly Helps:

  • Restricted Range of Motion

  • Difficulty Dressing - Needs Assistance

  • Painful Joints, Stiff Arms, Sore Muscles - unable to raise or lower arms while dressing 

  • Dementia Friendly

  • May Reduce Combativeness During Assistive Dressing

The full-back overlap top provides a level of dignity that no other garment in the fashion industry can offer. This top allows the arms to slide right into the sleeves without having to struggle or feel pain by lowering or lifting the arms.
This top is also dementia friendly in that it never is pulled over the head of the person which causes confusion, fear, and uncertainty while dressing. This alone helps to reduce combativeness that can happen with the caregiver while assisting in the daily dressing.

 Wrinkle-Resistant - Polyester - Cotton

The top completely opens up, slide the arms into the sleeves, raise the top to the shoulders. The top overlaps in the back and the snaps are at the top/back of the shoulders (avoiding pressure point areas - for sensitive aging skin) and securely snapped under the dome.

Item 50910 Medium Only

Available Colors - Burgandy Check


    Washing instructions:

    Machine wash & tumble dry. Wrinkle-Resistant.


    Men's Adaptive Shirts Sizing:

    • S (28-30)
    • M (32-34)
    • L (36)
    • XL (38-40)
    • 2XL (42-44)
    • 3XL (46)