Women's Open Back Undervest
Women's Open Back Undervest

Women's Open Back Undervest

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Women's Open Back Undervests :

Perfectly Helps - 

  • Upper Arm Restricted Range of Motion– Painful or difficulty raising arms while dressing
  • Delicate & Aging Skin – Pressure point concerns are eliminated with Shoulder Snaps
  • Sensitive to Assisted Dressing– Full Back Overlap provides increased privacy with respect to one's personal space.
  • Machine Washable– Polyester-Cotton

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Caregivers love our popular Women's Open Back Undervest. The adaptive vest fully opens across the back to help preserve one's privacy and personal space. Limited range of motion or difficulty raising the arms can be painful, but this vest allows the caregiver to easily slide the garment on the arms, raise it to the shoulders and securely snap it into place. 

As we age our skin becomes very delicate. The specially crafted closures on this full open back vest are placed at the shoulders to avoid any pressure areas for the one needing assistance. This vest is perfect for our vulnerable elders/ seniors who are disabled or dependant on a wheelchair for mobility.

The Open Back Undervest is made of a quality polyester and cotton blend (65% polyester, 35% Cotton) 

It is used perfectly under a shirt or blouse! Item 28020, 28021

Women's Open Back Undervest:

  • S (6-8)
  • M (10-12)
  • L (14-16)
  • XL (18)
  • 2XL (20)
  • 3XL (22-24)